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Hi Everyone!

Please send some new ideas and comments!
In order for this page to change, I will need some info to put up!
And besides, this is YOUR page so by sending pictures, stories, or information you will be making this site more informational for people who are willing to learn about the Goose Defenders and the Canada Goose in general.
I don't have a lot of information to put up, other than the brochure we were given in July/August 1998, so I would appreciate any emails of info that you could.
You can reach me through my personal email:
through the Goose Defender email:
All mail received through Goose Defender mail will be posted in a section that will say "Received Mail". If you do not want it posted, please say so somewhere in the message!

Other things which could really be helpful are suggestions for a children's page,
photographs (which would be super appreciated!)
and perhaps a column section, where you can write columns updating the situation.
I live in North Bay, so that last section would be of great help. It is kind of hard keeping in touch with everyone on the situation. Keep those emails coming!
Thank you very much,


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Page Last Updated February 4, 1999