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History of the Goose Defenders

Formed in 1998, Goose Defenders is a group dedicated to the protection of the Canada Goose in the Mississauga area.
Just who make up the Goose Defenders?
In a nutshell, anyone who cares about geese.
But we are not limited just to the protection of geese but other animal rights issues as well. Other issues include the recent request of bringing back horse drawn carriages to downtown Toronto. Obviously this is not in the best interest of the horses, and can be in fact, dangerous and unhealthy to not only the horses, but anyone around when the horses are on the road.
Canada Goose
If you are in the Mississauga/Toronto area, and are interested in becoming actively involved in the Canada Goose situation, please contact Deb Doncaster at (416) 462-9541. Deb is part of Animal Alliance and is currently doing studies regarding the geese.
If you wish to find out about meetings which are held at the Port Credit Library (in Port Credit, which is part of Mississauga), please email and we will get back to you as soon as any information is available.

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Updated July 25, 1999