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July 25, 1999    

Hello Everyone!

As you have noticed, some big changes have been happening with regards to the website.
A new look has taken place, and with some help from other sites we are becoming promoted. A counter, guest-book and photo-album are in the works, so if you have any pictures of Canada Geese or the Goose Defenders in action, please email them to me! If you do not have a scanner, don't fret, I will be able to scan them for you, and return your photographs. Contact me at or if need be, through phone. My number is (705) 495-1783. Also, if anyone has artwork of Canada Geese, that would be helpful as well!

Resting Goose
I have recently stumbled upon an American site, located at and have met a very helpful lady there, Doro, who has agreed to link us from her site!
We will have a page also of links to her site, as well as many others that are related, so if you have any suggestions on sites, that would be fantastic!

Someone has asked, 'Just who IS taking care of the Goose Defender's email'?
Well, I am at the moment, however, I'm willing to supply a fellow Goose Defender with that responsibility. So, if you are ready and willing to accept the prestigious honour of 'Keeper of the E-Mail', let me know, and I'll hand over everything needed!
I would however, prefer to give it to someone who regularly attends meetings, has internet access, and lives in the Mississauga/Toronto area. Thank you!

It has been recently read in The Mississauga News that the mayor wished to once again cull the Canada Geese and serve the meat to food banks. If anyone has tidbits such as this, or other information please send it to me and I'll post it in the "news" section of the website!
Ignorance such as that can not be tolerated and can only help us get our point across!

Also, I have recalled Josephine making a presentation at some point in the past year (please refresh my memory, as well, I am up north and can not make it to or hear about these presentations!)
If any info such as presentations can be posted, it would help greatly in the awareness campaign!

Okay, I'll end this post now, but all suggestions and stories, pictures and other ideas are welcomed and will be added to the site!
Thank you everyone! Keep up the great work!


P.S. Please take a look at this site: We are listed in their directory! This is great news! It is The Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese.

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